S9+ (AT&T) Received a big update yesterday, What was it?


My S9+ (on AT&T) Received a big update yesterday evening. But I was working so I didn’t have time to read out what it was. What was it?

UPDATE: Just out of curiosity, I did the “check for updates” thing on my phone, and in the last hour or so I’ve downloaded and installed 2 updates and am in the process of downloading a third. Sizes were 90-something for the first one, 150-160-something for the next two. All said they “supports device security improvements.” What is going on?!

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  1. Patrick3D

    Did the phone reboot after the update installed? If yes, it may have been Android 8.1.

    • The Binary Son

      In reply to to Patrick3D:

      The phone rebooted after each update. The first one was the only one that I was notified about. The other three that happened the next day I only did after searching for updates on a whim. According to my phone settings, I'm on Android 8.0.0

  2. Bats

    For the time it took you to type out the question, you could've just read the updates.

  3. Winner

    Perhaps Samsung is catching up with their slow months-late security updates?

    Heaven forbid that they update their phones to the latest version of Android so quickly.

    • The Binary Son

      In reply to Winner:

      I'm new to Android and this S9+ is the first Samsung I've owned since the Blackjack days. If Samsung is known for delaying monthly security updates, then perhaps that was it and I just received 4 months of security updates.