Better tools for future integration


Okay, I do not want to start a discussion on MSFT’s send button looks better than GMAIL’s version and so on. What I like to know from people that are hopefully smarter and more in tune with all the latest integration is what is a better tool for MAIL/CALENDAR/STORAGE? A little background to help you with your answers: Long time technology business person and hobbyist. I used to work at Bell Labs back in the 70’s with the cast of characters that invented UNIX. I do a great deal of charity IT work with Linux, Windows, Mac systems refurb/refresh/install/implementation. So bottom line is that I am quite tech literate.

Currently today I have a love / hate relationship with and GMAIL. I have accounts for both services, although I hate having a Fibonacci code attached to my Gmail account name :>))

I hate the contacts duplication or deletion issues I experience almost every day with I love the increased integration with OneDrive, Paypal, Uber, Wunderlist and others. I like Google’s new apps / services such as Trips, Allo, Duo and others much to Snowden’s chagrin. 

Is it just a po-tay-toe or po-tah-toe discussion at this time or are their legitimate reasons to further hitch your wagon to one of these services? I can’t see another Yahoo event happening with either but who knows.

What are your thoughts?


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