Edge using Chromium might force me to switch to a Macbook


I have a Surface Laptop and I love it. Most of what I do is in the browser and since I got this Surface Laptop, I don’t even use a mouse anymore because the touchpad scrolling is just amazing. In Edge, it’s so fast and responsive but still super smooth, it’s just like a Macbook trackpad. I’m very concerned about Edge switching to Chromium because even though Chrome added support for precision touchpads this year, it’s still not in the same league as Edge. When the update comes out in 2019, if touchpad scrolling is just like Chrome, I’m going to have to move to a MacBook because I just can’t accept that much of a downgrade. Please don’t think it’s just me, ask any Macbook user to try Chrome for Windows trackpad scrolling and they will laugh at you. I hope Microsoft can avoid this somehow because I love the Surface Laptop, I think it’s probably the best laptop in the market

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