Edge using Chromium might force me to switch to a Macbook


I have a Surface Laptop and I love it. Most of what I do is in the browser and since I got this Surface Laptop, I don’t even use a mouse anymore because the touchpad scrolling is just amazing. In Edge, it’s so fast and responsive but still super smooth, it’s just like a Macbook trackpad. I’m very concerned about Edge switching to Chromium because even though Chrome added support for precision touchpads this year, it’s still not in the same league as Edge. When the update comes out in 2019, if touchpad scrolling is just like Chrome, I’m going to have to move to a MacBook because I just can’t accept that much of a downgrade. Please don’t think it’s just me, ask any Macbook user to try Chrome for Windows trackpad scrolling and they will laugh at you. I hope Microsoft can avoid this somehow because I love the Surface Laptop, I think it’s probably the best laptop in the market

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  1. lvthunder

    Try Firefox before you go to that extreme. I can scroll just fine with my Surface Book and Surface Studio.

  2. Winner

    What makes you think Microsoft would not optimize that?

  3. ggolcher

    Don't worry, it seems you'll be able to use Edge on Mac as well, so it's all good ;)

  4. lordbaal1

    Yeah you're leaving. Just like people were saying they were leaving to go and live in Canada?

  5. lordbaal1

    Edge is not changing or going away. Only the rendering engine is changing, so it should have no effect on the mouse.

  6. dcdevito

    There's always Linux :)

  7. jimchamplin

    Macofalltrades.com has real MacBook Pros for sale. The thick older ones with keyboards that don’t suck. Save some money and some headaches by not getting one of those turdburglar new ones.

    Or or you could just run Firefox. Just sayin’!

  8. madthinus

    Firefox is great at smooth scrolling. By the way, the scrolling has little to do with the page parsing, but rather than the renderer using to draw the page on screen. Conceivable, Microsoft can still use the Edge rendering engine (The portion that draw to the screen) and simply swop out the parser and layout engines.

    If this is such a deal breaker, try Firefox or Opera, both have great scrolling.

  9. Paul Thurrott

    Start shopping then. It's happening.

    Also, this is a crazy thing to worry about.

    • willr

      In reply to paul-thurrott:

      Paul, you have a MacBook. Open Safari on the Mac and Chrome on a Surface laptop and go to the same website. Compare the touchpad scrolling between them. The difference is crazy! What I really wish is for Microsoft to put a lot of attention to Chromium's touchpad scrolling so it's just as good as current Edge. I don't want to switch to a MacBook but gosh...

  10. Tony Barrett

    Why do people throw around idle threats like this? Nobody cares. Your're prepared to spend a small fortune changing machines and OS's because of a rumour of a change of rendering engine in a browser barely anyone uses, because it *might* affect the smooth scrolling you like. This is a weightless argument. Spend your money if you want. Pointless.

  11. wright_is

    Chromium rendering engine (Blink) != Chrome. They are two very different things.

    And Apple uses the forerunner of Blink, so no great changes, but not as fast, allegedly.

    Microsoft will probably still be using their own frontend, which is what has the trackpad support, they most probably won't be using the Chrome frontend.

    But either way, wait until Microsoft actually announces what they are doing.

  12. Bats

    LOL....you clearly are not going Mac. This is obviously a very empty threat.

  13. SherlockHolmes

    I think guys like you are simply trying to find an excuse for Edge and how good it is. Its the same mothod as some wanted to convince others to use UWP apps. That didnt work either.

  14. cuppettcj

    Windows Central addressed this issue in a recent article. I'd post the link but the forum won't let me. Money quote:

    Microsoft is going to start partaking much more in the development of Chromium, as Chromium is an open-source project. Up until now, Google has been the only major player contributing code to the Chromium project, but now Microsoft is in the game and is ready to commit code to improve Chromium. For example, Microsoft knows that Chrome isn't as good as the current Edge at touch scrolling, so it's going to work on improving that experience in Chromium so that the new Edge doesn't miss out on that smooth scrolling experience.

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