iPhone for the Windows Guy…changes


So, I was just setting up a new iPhone for my son, following the directions for “iPhone for the Windows Guy, using Microsoft Accounts”…and things have changed with iOS 13 and the Mail app. He has an outlook dot com personal email and an Office 365 account for school so it is easier to use Outlook.

  1. To get contacts to sync, on the phone, the Outlook account has to be added to the Mail app on the iPhone, not through settings.
  2. You can change the settings to not sync notes, calendars and reminders, but you cannot disable mail.
  3. You then delete the Mail app.
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  1. Brett Barbier

    When you delete the Mail app, what happens when you choose the email something from another app, using the iOS Share sheet?

    What I do is to configure the built-in Mail app for email, contacts, and calendar, but then you can set it to manual fetching, disable notifications, etc. Then you can rely on the 3rd party email/calendar client for most things, but still easily send emails from any app that supports the Share sheet for sending emails, adding calendar events, etc.