Am I the last one still on the old


Just wondering if there are any others stuck on the old Wanted to move my domain to, but the new service doesn’t work with the old format.



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  1. 3231

    How do you tell the difference. Do you mean Outlook that comes with Office 365 i.e. Outlook 2016 or mail Outlook.

    I think MS have confused both us and themselves.

  2. 5447

    Yep, you are. :-)

  3. 246

    The old Outlook says "" in the upper left hand corner of the email browser window. The new one says "Outlook Mail". The old one doesn't have integrations, and also keeps me from signing up for the Outlook premium account where I can use my own domain name.

  4. 5514

    If you are, I suggest making a backup of your contacts. The new Outlook made a hash of mine. Decided to merge addresses from Skype and Outlook, giving preference to Skype (which I use almost never) and did things like merging contacts with the same email address (anyone else know couples and families that use one email, but have multiple phones).

    Better safe than sorry.

  5. 246

    Thanks for the comment on backup. Perhaps a bit paranoid but I always keep cloud and local backups of my emails.

  6. 4383

    I'm still on the old Outlook as well.  Kind of dreading the change as I never use the web interface anyway.

  7. CHanskat

    Finally got the update. Not part of the 0.1% who were not yet upgraded yet. Now to see how premium works on it.