Bing Maps: unsuitable for commuting


Open a browser window to right before or right after you leave for work, and locate your home. Snap that beast to one side. Now open a new browser window, go to, and do the same. Snap that bad boy to the other side. Now compare: which one has more and better traffic information?

Microsoft’s traffic data sent me on three different streets without traffic data that ended up being severly jammed, and another two had woefully wrong data. Google’s traffic data was much more in tune with reality: lots of roads in town were the deep maroon color that tells you you’re gonna have a bad time.

Is there any way MSFT can catch up with that level of traffic data? I don’t remember them being as far behind Google as they seem to be now just a few years back. I am going to try the Waze app on W10M (supposedly it uses Google’s data), but if that doesn’t work, is there any alternative to just buying an Android phone for the sole purpose of getting traffic updates?

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