Getting ads in inbox in


But only in Chrome and IE, not Edge.

I even have on adblocker in Chrome and Edge.

I mean it show’s up as a unread message.

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    I've noticed it, too. I've started to see SPAM in my Microsoft Inbox, recently. Some days are better than others. I'll see a half dozen junk messages show up, then a few days will pass with none before another batch shows up. It's not a constant stream, so it's "tolerable." I just assume they're fiddling around with settings and occasionally they break something temporarily.

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      In reply to Paul Thurrott:

      Ah, I guess I misunderstood his issue. I thought he was complaining about SPAM email in his Inbox. I don't see ads in the sidebar of the free Mail app or web-based Mail in the browser (I use Chrome), probably because I use a Hosts file manager and it blocks the source of the ads. I don't get a "You look like you're using an ad blocker" message, either (because, technically, I'm not).

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      In reply to Paul Thurrott:

      Look at above image. It's in the inbox and look like an unread message.

      Also if you use 2 panes instead of 3, you won't get any ads in the free version.

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    I see this in Yahoo everyday but haven't seen it in  I'm sure it's only a matter of time.  I really wish Office 365 subscribers would have an ad-free experience.   

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    I think there is some confusion about what you're seeing.  Do you have a screenshot?

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    I see it in Edge, IE, and Firefox. I no longer have the sidebar ads. The ad stays at the top, above pinned emails. It is marked as an ad, and has an additional information icon. The first few times it was for being productive with Office365. Lately, getting one from Fisher Investments.

    I much preferred the sidebar ads, as they could be blocked by an ad blocker or even IE's tracking protection. These message ads are not even blocked by hostsman and the MVPs host file. Seems a bit heavy handed. I am less likely to use products and vendors who choose to advertise this way.

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    I get that in every folder except sent and deleted. It started last week.

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      In reply to lordbaal1:

      Ok.  That would be bothersome.  At first glance I thought it was a marketing/promotional email from Microsoft (I get these regularly to highlight Office 365 updates or features since I subscribed), but what you've got there clearly says "Ad" right on it.  Do you get ads from third parties as well, or just from MS?  Either way that's annoying.  It's one thing to have the ads in the right column, but another thing entirely to have them injected directly into your mailbox.  Gross.

      I really wish ad-free was the default for O365 subscribers.  It's not, so I use a combination of uBlock (blocks the ads) and another extension to remove the empty pane and restore that space.  

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    Glad I finally found some others experiencing this issue.  I just noticed it as well, and it's extremely annoying.  I guess there is no workaround as of yet?  I would dump Outlook, but I'm not going back to Gmail, and there doesn't seem to be many good alternatives.

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    Hey guys, not sure if this will keep working, but if you use Adblock Plus, give it a shot.  I right clicked the ad and clicked 'select element.' (This is in Firefox).  In the window that comes up at the bottom of the screen, you can click the Adblock icon and create a custom filter to block that section.  So far, so good.