If Windows Users Already Spend More Than Half…


In WW 514, during a discussion on the topic of “Windows 10 Cloud”, Paul mentioned seeing that Windows users already spend more than half of their time on the web. What if the direction this is going is a “lighter” hardware device with some minimum necessary “disconnected” capability – maybe Surface 3 equivalent or evolution from there – that has a seamless ability to leverage web-resident services (conceptually like VMs) when more oomph is needed. In an EDU context, this could provide an easily refreshable, locked-down environment for students. In a home environment, you could swipe a credit card and run PhotoShop (or the full version of Word, Access, Visio, Excel, etc.) for the next 30 days. In a commercial environment, think of making it that easy (maybe even transparent to the user) to spin-up additional Azure processing power.

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  1. TechnologyTemperance

    A UWP only version of windows would be a huge win for EDU. Having worked in Education, IT doesn't have the capacity to constantly clean up malware infected machines. Students are also great at cracking 3rd party "nanny" tools as well, and why should the burden be placed on the school staff anyways? To get more competitive in the US market, this type of OS is needed (along with simpler Office 365 for EDU integrations).