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OK so there’s some doubt about a return of placeholder files that’s been mentioned at Ignite.  Paul is suspicious, but Omar Shahine reposted tweets and commented that “you’re gonna love them”  Doesn’t explicitly say OneDrive Consumer, but seems to strongly imply it.  The sooner we get concrete information the better.  You guys at Ignite, do all the probing you can!

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    If anyone finds anything more, make sure to post it here...going to try and poke around today.

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    Apparently it's called now "On-demand Sync" and here you have early previev snapshot from Ignite:



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      That snapshot looks legit.  I know I should be cautious with all things related to Microsoft, but I'm excited that they may be bringing this great feature back.

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        If you look closer you can see that files that are not synchronized locally have little grey cloud icon instead of green checkbox. Looks like it still may be confusing to some people.

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    They will return, because Apple's OSX Sierra's Optimized Storage feature has placeholders. So Microsoft will copy them. #runsaway

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    After Windows 8 I stopped using OneDrive to store MS Office documents - too many strange sync issues. OneDrive had trouble syncing unmodified documents, Word and Excel keep wanting to recover documents that shouldn't need recovering etc. Ironically, these issue didn't seem to occur for non-Office documents.

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    Would much prefer a reliable map network drive option, then we do not need any placeholders.
    There is a way to do this, but its a bit flaky at times.
    I use persoanl and business dropbox, google drive and onedrive.
    I do not have 365 but have 500gb on my onedrive, that was not reduced. It was about 75% full.

    Got passed the placeholders stage now and just create sensible folders that I look at rarely and a working folder on all my cloud.

    I control all the content from my Android and IOS onedrive apps for ease. The windows app is dreadful.
    Onedrive keeps adding video and pictures etc folders now and again to my onedrive, that annoys me.