EdgeHTML Engineer explains why MS switched to Chromium


Boy if this is true…oh boy


Ex Edge developer blames Google tricks in part for move to Chromium

“Don’t be evil”.

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  1. wright_is

    If true, it doesn't surprise me. But such tactics won't get me to use Chrome. I don't use Google services, other than the Play Store on my phone.

  2. F4IL

    ...in part... So, what's the other part? For readers to form a complete picture, they need to know the full facts which the anonymous ex developer conveniently omits. This post only helps us blame google, instead of forming an educated opinion.

  3. Tony Barrett

    Poor MS. With all their resources, and despite the fact they've tried to hobble Chrome in the past themselves, and had a browser monopoly with IE, killing competitors in the process, now blame Google for one poor hidden little DIV that, for whatever reason it's there, broke Edge. Jeez. Stop whining MS. If that's the sole reason Edge is switching to Chromium, then don't even bother. Edge has way more problems than that, but heck, lets blame someone else, despite the thousands of engineers you have that couldn't find a way to work around it.

    While you're at it, how about you let other browsers into your app store, without forcing them to use EdgeHTML! Oops - moot point now!

  4. Paul Thurrott

    First of all, this guy was an intern. :)

  5. silverpasco

    In my thoughts, it is yet another dastardly plan by the manufacturers to get people to buy more hardware yet again.

    I keep reading on the internet that x browser is better than y browser. However, if you look up the original, Chromium, and look around the site it gives its recommended minimum specification for building Chromium for Windows as 8GB but recommends 16GB RAM. Further thinking from this led me to delete Chrome browser and resort to Firefox, which states suggested RAM at 4GB, and now I have no problems with speed. I don't plan on using any Chromium based browsers again, and sorry that will include the new planned Edge browser, which I didn't actually mind using.

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