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I had a wired controller. Was working fine until this morning. That stupid thing broke where you have that rubber grommet, or what ever it’s called. This is my second controller, the first one broke in the same place. Exposed some wires. When I wrap it, I don’t wrap it tight, I do it loosely.

Went to gamestop, bought the @play. Doesn’t work on my PC.

Does anyone makes one that works on a PC that have a cable, like this, so this way if it breaks, I can just change out the cable.

I don’t know how to solder, if I did, I can easily fix it.

I’m looking for a wired one. Because it would be cheaper then buying a wireless, then have to buy a play and charge kit, then also have to by a receiver. 

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  1. 5496

    I see the the Xbox One Controller + Cable for Windows does what I want.

    But if I want to use that wireless, would I need a receiver, or does one come included.

    Will that also work with a Lumia phone?

  2. 5496

     Never mind. I just had to restart my PC. So Brad or Paul, you can delete this post.