Gamepass, is it really such a good deal?


After a few years of subscribing I am starting to reconsider if gamepass ultimate is such a good deal or not. I use very few games and very few stick over time. Two of those are Flight simulator and Forza but is it really worth it? A few things made me wonder:

1) I recently bought a Steam deck and it’s really amazing. However, to play Forza on it I would have to re-buy it on steam. The same would apply to any gamepass game

2) I got burned several times by games that are leaving gamepass. For some reason, those that I play most tend to leave. It happened with Red dead redemption, it happened again with Hades. Now it’s happening with Subnautica.

3) Regarding the back catalog on gamepass, the games I really want to play, I have already previously purchased on steam (Skyrim, Fallout, Valheim, Mass Effect trilogy etc.)

4) Even for the gamepass games I frequently plan, only the base game is included. The DLC are extra and by using the gamepass version, I miss on many discount that are available for steam. For example I had to pay Hot wheels full price while it’s possible to find a steam key for 5 dollars

Obviously the fact of having so many games available on gamepass is appealing, but the real math is difficult and I can really make sense of it. Did anyone have similar thoughts?