Razer Kishi Xbox mobile controller


I got my Razer Kishi Xbox controller way earlier than Amazon predicted today. Initial thoughts are positive. My OnePlus 7T would not fit with the case on at first so I was disappointed I had to remove it. Later on I realized I could remove some rubber inserts from the Kishi and my phone then fit with my case on it. The build quality, button mash, trigger and ergonomics are fantastic. I really felt like I was gaming on a high end Nintendo switch. It connects via a USB C port so latency is minimized and there is no battery. So far I am pretty impressed. It is a fantastic way to complement Gamepass cloud streaming.

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  1. jamie_webster

    Does your oneplus work with Gamepass streaming ok? I read that it didn't and couldn't understand why?

  2. beckoningeagle

    My Note 20 Ultra does not fit with the case, even after removing the cover. But I have an easy to remove cover so it is not a big deal. It works very well and the power passthrough is a well though feature.

    • Travis

      In reply to BeckoningEagle:

      Did you remove the rubber inserts from the kishi? Mine would not have fit without doing that. The inserts pull right out. Comparing the sizes of note 20 ultra and OP7T I would imagine the note would fit.

  3. Jay

    I'm pretty sure there will be a cheap Chinese knock off on Amazon/Ebay in a few months. Glad your Razer Kishi works well.

  4. dnm

    Oh, wow, I feel like such a dunce. Thank you for highlighting you can remove the rubber inserts... Even more practical when you don't have to remove and put on the case whenever you want to play (Spigen Rugged Armor Black Case for Google Pixel 4 XL).