Scalebound cancellation and why I think XBox is doomed.


I think it’s pretty clear by now that Microsoft does not care about Japanese style games. Anyone who is interested in that style of game(JRPG, anime-style games) already buys PS4. 

XBox is clearly the platform for US/UK/Mexico dude-bros who play FPS shooter/slasher games. They are not interested in quirky indie games or deep narratives with beautiful artwork. Just blood & guts.

Phil Spencer is a phoney.


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    Japanese game design is stuck in 1997. They are boring and full of slow moving text boxes.

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      You're kidding, right? Is that why Kojima's PT demo blew up the way it did? I honestly doubt a western studio would have been able to give us a game like PT. This was a game that got cancelled - and then left behind an even bigger legacy. Come on man. Japanese game design brings diversity, something unique that the game industry desperately needs, else all we'll be left with is the same "White Man hero" games served up year after year.

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        "Kojima's PT demo"  you are kidding right? The demo was completely pointless and said nothing about the game .. it was just a CGI trailer that tells you nothing..

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      How would you know? The Last Guardian looks beautiful.

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    Phil Spencer saved the current gen Xbox imo. The Xbox One launch nearly collapsed the entire brand. That's how bad it was. To be where they are now, standing, is almost a miracle to me. I thought MS was done for.

    And yes, it's clear that Sony and PlayStation tends to capitalize more on their Asian market success and underpinnings by investing a lot into their own unique brand of entertainment (read: Japanese-style games). I don't think Microsoft needs to ape that strategy to compete with Sony at all. I just think the two consoles serve two different regions and their tastes differently.

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    I think they follow the money, Xbox has never in its history performed well in Japan and this is them accepting that fact.

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    Also why do people unquestionably praise Phil Spencer? What has he truly done for XBox that is important in the area of:

    1. Grow console sales significantly

    2. Provide a large and diverse console exclusives

    Obviously #2 plays into #1. But what has he done? Play Anywhere immediately devalues the entire brand. Cancels Fable Legends. Cancels Phantom Dust. Cancels Scalebound. 

    If I were Phil Spencer and were serious, I'd go to the MS Board and demand $5 billion immediately to go out and buy studios, build new studios and buy IPs with the goal of building a HUGE library of compelling console exclusives. Also I would admit Play Anywhere was a mistake and kill that immediately. At best a few thousand take advantage of that and who cares if they're pissed off? Your goal is to gain MILLIONS of new customers.

    MS is in lalaland if they think the current dude-bro Gears/Halo/Forza will allow them to thrive in an environment where PS4 is pushing 60 million units sold and have a gigantic exclusive library.

    Obviously Satya & the board do not truly care about XBox, will never invest what is needed and are content to let it whither away to nothingness by 2020.

    My next console will be a Playstation or Steambox.

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      In reply to MutualCore:

      And the Microsoft Board would laugh at him. There just isn't the ROI to make what you're asking for worthwhile.

      The only thing keeping Xbox going is that it can be viewed as a marketing expense for Windows. So expect more integration with Windows, not less. Play Anywhere is just the start.

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      In reply to MutualCore:

      What he has done?  Backwards Combability, Play Anyware that is awesome (even if you don't see that) , Multiple great games, the Elite controller,  no requirement for Kinect,  Apps on Xbox that makes it an even greater Media device then before, The Xbox One S with a 4K Blu-Ray player, and support for UHD. (For some strange reason PS4 Pro does not have a 4K Blu-Ray player, even though Sony more or less "owns" blu-ray.)  Customisation of the  controllers, and  the last few months of 2016 Xbox even outsold the PS4 (not counting November and December, but Sony better win those when they just released 3 new pieces of hardware)   Xbox Live jsut keeps getting better and they keep adding features to the services like Clubs and Tournaments. The Xbox and the services  constantly gets updated based on customer feedback.. lately they even improved the download speed, that was already much better then PS Network. 

      Xbox is on a roll right now, and the only setback so far is Scalebound, a game that had big problems with the game engine and that it was little known about anyway.  

      Some people claim the only reason they wanted to buy an Xbox was Scalebound but sorry, I don't believe that for a second.  Only thing known about the game was a short description  and  a trailer shown of a long time ago. 

      Reson it got cancelled is fairly simple.  Microsoft put millions of dollars into this project, the developer kept missing deadlines, over and over again, but for some reason they still had people over to work on other projects for Sony, that so far is on time. The game engine had serious issues, and they could not figure out what to do to solve it in a resonable time, and last demo  of the game Phil Spencer saw as I understand it was buggy as hell (according to inside sources) Was not a chance it would be done 2017 anyway.. maybe not even 2019 ... and how much more money would Microsoft have to put in to get there... and would the game even be any good at that point?  

      any sane person would cancel such a project... they needed the game done 2016 .. not some time maybe in the future..  and  when it looked like it would not even make 2017 need to know when to cut your losses. 

      People make it sound like Xbox now have no games at all because of Scalebound being cancelled... that is of course not true.  Sure not as many exclusives as some might like, but there are a lot of great games coming 2017 to Xbox One, they will just be on PS4 as well, who cares.  It is not like Sony has a huge list of Exclusive AAA games coming 2017  either..  They have many titles, but most of them does not even have a release year yet.. including Last of us 2 and Spider man  that people keep harping on about. 

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    Yep I was very tempted to buy a Xbox One S as my first console system, really low prices. But looking through the games catalogue, its really uninspiring, shooting, killing, driving, shooting, soccer, snipping, shooting killing, driving, jumping, mcg killing, shooing. Xbox Gaming appears a rather tedious affair.

    Attractive PC puzzle games, RTS and perhaps a bit of Civ suits me.

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    Whilst i don't think Xbox is doomed, i agree the PS4 has more Japanese style games, and i think Microsoft seems to be trying extra hard this generation to make people get PS4's. I loved original Xbox, and i still have 6 Xbox 360s which is great for 'System Link' when my mates come round. Do i have an Xbox One? Nope, i got a PS4 this time round and i won't be getting an Xbox One. A really bad launch, making originally the Kinnect not optional , calling people who want to play old games 'backward' and focusing more on it being a media centre than what i buy a games console for, shock, gaming. Whilst i know its more the developers role, i'm really annoyed at the lack of anything using System Link on the Xbox One, does it even support it? For me it was a massive plus point having LAN gaming with a console. 

    I know Microsoft have made some U turns, like you don't need Kinnect now, and they have some titles working via backwards compatibility, but for me its too late, they spat in my face with the Xbox One so i go to the platform that takes gaming seriously instead of a glorified Netflix player. 

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      In reply to 2ilent8cho: wow, you seem very sensitive. How is Microsoft listening to feedback from customers and applying changes based on the feedback they get  "spitting in your face"??
      Microsoft is not calling people who want to play old games "backwards" they call the ability to play Xbox 360 games "backwards compability" for a reason, because it allows the ability to play games from a previous generation. What is your suggestion for a name .. "Xbox 360 on Xbox One comability"?
      BC is sure better then what Sony is offering.. can play some old stuff but you haver to pay for it again, and you have to stream it , so if you have a crap connection you are out of luck.
      Does PS4 support System Link?  If not , how is a PS better?
      Xbox One is a great media plattform, and it is great for games.. how is that a bad thing?
      Sony claims their system is for "gamers"  ...really ..then why do they have so few games, and why do they keep showing off games that have not even a release year??   Last E3 Sony had almost no games coming out in any near future, while MS showed off a majority of games that came out in 2016, or had a release date for 2017.
      If someone spat in their customers faces it is Sony with their PS4 Pro that is just a small upgrade, that cant even play in native 4K , even though they constantly claim it ... or their joke of a VR system .. and it does not even support UHD BR  becasue  they feel no one buys that .. and every one apparently have an amazing connection at home so they can stream in 4K (even though everyone knows that  4K blue ray is way better quality then streaming can ever produce)  


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    Sure it is sad for the people that cared about Scalebound .. I personally never cared about it ... but it cost to much and took to long to develop, and there was clearly a real issue with how far the developer had gotten with the game so far. 

    It was same old problem, overambitious developers that promise things they can never deliver...and announced way to soon, (MS does that some times, Sony does it all the time ..most games does not even have a release year anymore from them)  kind of like 'No Man’s Sky' promised the world... released utter crap ..  and with No Man’s Sky it was still a low quality graphics game, Scalebound was aiming a lot higher in that regards

    One cancelled game does not break a plattform .  and there are several  Japanese style games on Xbox already by the way. Rumours are that even Final Fantasy VII remake might come to Xbox now, and there is already Final Fantasy XV.  

    A Japanese console will of course have more Japanese games, then an American made console, so if Japanese games is your thing, buy a PS4 .  Xbox have a huge range of games, and with 316 BC games added now as well, and more and more coming the game list for Xbox is constantly growing...   one single over-Hyped game about some dragons getting cancelled does not change that.   

    Phil Spencer is the best thing that has happened to Xbox as a whole in a long time .. 


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      In reply to JudaZuk:

      Except I believe a big reason PS4 is so popular in Europe is Japanese-style games.

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        In reply to MutualCore:

        can you substantiate that? how many japanese games are sold in europe?


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        In reply to MutualCore: I believe it is more down to the fact that it took a long time after Xbox One was released in Europe it supported a lot of the European languages properly, it actually still doesn't even though it gotten better lately. It even took a while until Xbox One was sold in Europe officially (Excluding the UK)  PS4 was available much sooner.  
        The edge that PS4 had however is changing.. I believe this is down to the lack of games on PS4 because a lot of delays, and also the lack of support for UHD BR. 


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          In reply to JudaZuk:

          Nobody cares about UHD BR. Okay, a few people care, but not really that many.

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            In reply to Skolvikings:  Sure, just as no one cared about Blu-ray.  Until a cheap Blu-Ray player was available  in PS3 back in the days.
            UHD BR disks was selling like crazy during Black Friday .. funny how that is if no one cares 
            If you are in to movies, and you spend $1000 - $2000 on a UHD 4K TV, why would you not want to watch movies in proper 4K ?  Streaming in 4K is no at all as good as a 4K movie on disk
            There is however one thing not many people care about ..and that is VR. Rather pointless gimmick.  Movies however is something that appeals to a much broader market then just gamers ..and I see no reason why a lot of people would not buy a Xbox One S just to play movies on it, just like a lot of people bought PS3's  previously  and then never gamed on it . 
            I do not see many normal people buying a VR headset though,  because what would you do with it? 


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          MS just doesn't care about EU5.