What happens when Disk is Full?


I noticed that the storage in my XBox 1 S is getting full (it is the 1TB model. This is my first XBox so I wonder what the options are when I hit the max

  • does the XBox manage the games loaded and replace ones that are not used automatically or do I have to remove games
  • Does the XBox or Store maintain a list of games I own but are not stored on the drive so I can download them should I wish to?
  • Do I need external storage? I sure hope not!

I do not have media for the games – they are all through the store.

any response is appreciated

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  1. Simard57

    clicked post before finishing (I can edit replies but not posts?)

    • can the XBox use my Synology to store games on local network like I can using all my Windows 10 devices?