Why get a gaming PC instead of an Xbox Scarlett?


Xbox Scarlett could have a real effect on gaming PC sales. For a lot of people, why would they pick a gaming PC instead of an Xbox Scarlett? Both will have mouse and keyboard support*, both will have crazy fast SSD’s, and the vast majority of people won’t have any complaints about Scarlett’s graphics or power. You won’t have to deal with any of the BS you do with gaming PC’s, just plug into the TV/monitor and play. I just can’t think of a reason it would be worth choosing a gaming PC instead of an Xbox Scarlett, gaming PC’s in the same price range won’t have any big advantages over the Xbox Scarlett.

*I’ve read that a lot of Scarlett games will be designed with keyboard and mouse support in mind from the beginning, unlike Xbox One games.

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  1. ErichK

    Probably the way some people look at it, a gaming PC can also do video editing and Photoshop, whereas an Xbox Scarlett is pretty much gaming only.

  2. Daekar

    Good luck getting some games or entire genres of games on Xbox, regardless of keyboard and mouse. There are many real benefits to consoles, but there are many reasons why PCs are preferable sometimes too.

  3. Vladimir Carli

    mouse and keyboard support will be key. If you play fps the controller is awful and really not a good experience. It has to be seen how many games will support it. Moreover there are more peripherals, I play with a hotas, vr headest, yoke, pedals. Last but not least, if you wish to communicate with others, multitasking allows you to use discord etc. Oh... a gaming laptop can be carried anywhere, good luck bringing an xbox with you when you travel. Today, gaming on pc or console are two completely different experiences. I don't see that changing with the next generation

  4. wright_is

    I think it depends on the situation. If it is in front of the "family" TV or in a games room, they'd probably go for an XBox. If it is in their home office and they use the device for other things, they'd probably go for a gaming PC.

  5. jules_wombat

    I can also do deep convolutional network training on a gaming PC, and a full python stack. I really don't have that type of capability on a console stuck in front of PC.

  6. Greg Green

    I think it’s the opposite for those who already have PCs. With the Xbox app for Windows, why have an Xbox? Just play the xbox games on a pc.

    The major advantage of the Xbox is the lower price and easier setup. But you’re in a walled garden.

    The major advantage of the PC is it’s a master of all trades and you can modify games, which is a pretty big world all by itself. You can also use VMs to play old games that Xbox and Win 10 no longer play. And you can update the PC as often as your wallet let’s you. For example almost all PCs sold now have an nvme ssd in them, while the Xbox still doesn’t even have a sata ssd.

    For gaming, the PC vs Xbox question is a mansion vs a broom closet. Of course it’s easier to maintain the broom closet. And cheaper.