XBox Adaptive Controller


Last month, I got a $1000 amazon card for my retirement and I read the article about the adaptive controller and so I’m thinking XBox might be fun. Question is, if your reflexes are not as fast as someone not physically challenged, can you still play with it and have a good time or are you just going to get your ass kicked as soon as you start playing? I have never owned a game console so it is all new to me.

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  1. TheJoeFin

    If this whole thing is new to you then there will be a learning curve. I'd suggest starting with a single player game with some variety like Minecraft. Get comfortable there, then move into multiplayer games. I could see jumping straight into Call of Duty pretty frustrating for someone who hasn't been gaming for a long time.

    Most importantly keeping expectations in check I have found makes multiplayer gaming much more fun. I play Overwatch off and on so I'm not very good, but I try to keep it light, don't do serious competitive play, and have fun.