Xbox Cloud Gaming Links on Bing Search Results


Maybe this isn’t new and I just missed this before. I did a Bing search for Minecraft Dungeons and one of the top results on the page was a link to play the game on Xbox Cloud Gaming. This is the kind of feature that Google talked about with Stadia and I never saw it happen.

It wasn’t just Minecraft Dungeons, either. I tried several games, even obscure ones. If it’s in Xbox Cloud Gaming, it should pop up. Great feature and a clear statement that cloud gaming is a priority for Microsoft.

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  1. ringofvoid

    I've heard the latest Canary build of ChromeOS finds games on Stadia and Geforce Now when you do a search in the launcher. I'd love to see this become a universal feature. "Start > H - A - L..." > launch Halo Infinite on Xbox Cloud