A tale of two stores


Last night, I visited the Amazon store at Bellevue Square and then the Microsoft store.

The Amazon store was small and ridiculously crowded. But the Alexa and Echo devices were prominently displayed. Probably at least 10 different devices with integration skills displayed with Philips Hue lights. But consumers were interacting with them.

At the Microsoft store there were two Invoke devices relegated to a tiny display in a no-man’s area of the store. Wedged in between some other displays. Of course the Surface devices were prominently featured at the front of the store. But so were all of the crappy cheap laptops. Why on earth wasn’t the Invoke given a prominent table on the right-hand side of the store?

I had to actually ask an employee where on earth the Invoke’s were and his reply of surprise told me I was the first to ask.

Disheartening to say the least. Microsoft can’t play the consumer game worth beans.

Sure, the Invoke sounded better. But I’m seriously considering returning my Invoke as it’s almost guaranteed this thing if going to be killed off. They can’t even market this thing in their own stores.

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