Any tips for getting in touch with MS about my Surface Book problem?


I like Microsoft devices. I use my windows phone, band 2, and surface pro 3 every day.  (sad and uncertain future for me.)

I’ve wanted a surface book for a long time and I finally got one. I love the machine but it has a bug with the pen input that makes it impossible for me to use. I bought a second one that has the same problem. 

I’ve been stonewalled by Surface support and posted to the community forum and in the feedback hub.

I’d like to believe that Microsoft would want to fix my problem if I could just get it in front of the right people in the development team (my current suspicion is firmware.)

Does anyone know a better channel to get through the defenses of level 1 tech support?

My post about the issue, including a video of the problem, is here.

Thanks for any help or advice,






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    Hi Emily. The Surface pen clicks slightly before the pen actually hits the screen. That's just how it is, and it's a drawback which leads some artists to prefer Wacom tools, which do not. It should also happen on your Surface Pro and happens on the Surface Studio. I just saw it on a review today, actually, by Tested on YouTube, where they note this issue is at 5:11.

    It's pretty annoying, but it's unlikely Microsoft will acknowledge or fix the problem.

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    If you are close to a Microsoft store take it in and let them look at it. They are pretty good.

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     I dont know how much of a problem this is and more of that's just the way it works? If it's quite bad, id try to take it in somewhere but watch this video by Tested and they note the same issue on the Surface Studio.