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    I want a Band 3. Such an awesome device, I love the Band 2. Except for the badly built strap. Who's with me?  I still use my Band 2 daily and have actually become more fit and lost weight by using it. Microsoft should release it and run proper commercials. They truly don't know how to market or advertise these things. I would fire the media dept and hire new staff, release these cancelled products and see what happens. How can Microsoft say they really truly tried? They haven't. 

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    Its not the media department's fault, why fire them?  I'd have to assume MS has so many dollars for advertisment and they allocate the great majority to the Surface line. 

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    My Band 2 got me into running. I think it is quite a neat thing. For most, the Fitbit Alta is probably sufficient, though (just ask Paul). This is a crowded space, so I don't think they are necessarily wrong for leaving the market. How do you differentiate in the suddenly-crowded fitness tracker space?

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      In reply to inlocoabsentia:

      I think they differentiate by supporting hard-core health and fitness features and really tuning their sensors to work better than the competition.  I always felt like they were attempting to do that.  I compared both my Band 1 and Band 2 to Fitbit Charge, Fitbit Charge HR, and Polar H7 HR chest strap.  In my tests, the Bands were consistently closer to the Polar H7 at tracking HR.  I posted graphs over on Windows Central Band forum at the time.  It wasn't perfect, but it was very close.  Close enough that I feel I can leave my Polar at home when I go work out at the gym or a bike ride.

      I also compared both Bands sleep tracking to Fitbit.  Band hands down does a better job of providing more detail on sleep.  I have sleep apnea and have struggled getting good sleep for close to 15 years despite being treated by a sleep doc.  The doc wants to offer drugs to make me sleep and drugs to make me wake up.  That's not a solution to me.  With the Band and Band 2, I've been able to identify patterns in sleep time, duration, and restfulness that helped me improve my sleep.  I actually rest better and no longer feel that a good nights sleep is hopeless.

      The data Band and MS Health collects is more detailed and informative.  I just don't see the kind of detail (e.g. sleep) with Fitbit, despite them being the leader in this space.

      I'd loved to have seen the Band introduce blood sugar, insulin, and keytone monitoring.  I'm working on really tweaking my health and that's the thing I'm really keyed in on tracking at the moment.

      If MS exists this space for good, and it appears they have, I'm probably going to go to Apple.  The Apple Watch seems to be more accurate based on what I've read.  The downside is that it doesn't have sleep tracking and that's very important to me.