Best guess when (and if) there will be a new Surface?


Just dropped by Surface Pro 3. Landed on the corner. Shattered the screen. Any my heart. Before that horror show, I was planning on upgrading to a new Surface Pro 5, assuming there is one. Lots of people claim that such a device is imminent. Does anyone (Paul?) have a best guess for when new Surface hardware might be launched? I use(d) my Surface Pro 3 everday and will go with the Pro 4 if the wait is more than a couple of months. There are great deals on the Pro 4 this weekend….

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  1. wunderbar

    Creators update and Build are in March/April. I'd put real money on it being around then.

  2. will

    The rumors have been some sort of announcement event in March with availability in early April.  I would guess if it is going to happen we will hear more "noise" starting soon.

    My only thought on this is that if the new Intel Coffee Lake chips are due later this year, would Microsoft hold off on one of the devices until then?