Configuring microSD card slot in Surface Pro


It may be a dumb question but can the microSD card slot be filled with a 128G card and configured to extend the hard drive storage space? I know the windows had something at one time that could combine drives in to what appeared to be one drive. I can’t for the life of me remember what it was called. Of course I’m 70 and don’t work as well as I used to.

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  1. jwpear

    You may be thinking of Storage Spaces, which lets you combine multiple storage devices into a pool of storage. I'm not sure I'd use that for this. Your internal drive and the SD card would have dramatic differences in speed and reliability. I'd want to strategically select what I placed on the SD card for that reason. When you pool, you can't easily control which drives are hosting which files. I would not want critical OS or app files on the SD card. I'm fine with OneDrive backed files, media, and less critical apps being on a separate drive or SD card.

    You could also mount the drive as a folder. Take a look at this:

    In the days of Surface (ARM), I'd point my OneDrive folder to an SD card to keep the system drive as free as possible. Have you considered this?

    Above links came up first with a search. Ed Bott often has great articles on things like this too. I trust his instruction more than others.

    • lwetzel

      In reply to jwpear:

      Yep that was exactly what I was referring to. I know you can set where you want certain files to go to but not sure that will do what I want. I will certainly look at your suggestions and am open to others. I have external drives that I could attach but that doesn't make it very portable.