Most people are wrong about Surface

A lot of people trash the Surface line but I don’t think that’s fair, please hear me out. I’m not defending the inexcusable stuff like Surface Pro 4/Surface Book 1 debacle or them abandoning the Duo/Duo 2 too early. Basically there’s two big reasons I’m a bit of a Surface fanboy.

1) The Lenovo and Dell’s of the world preinstall junk on their PC’s it’s terrible. I few years ago I bought this beautiful HP from bestbuy and all that nice feeling melted away when I saw all the junk installed on it. And I think that’s still the case even if you buy one of the ‘Signature’ versions from the Microsoft store? The Surface computers are the only truly clean Windows PC’s.

2) Apple is a silly and unreasonable company that still wants and expects people to buy both a Macbook and an iPad in the year 2023. This is laughable. Traditional laptops that lack touchscreens (Macbooks) are dead, obsolete devices in 2023. There is no valid reason to still have both an iPad and Macbook for the vast majority of people. This is what makes the Surface tablets so special. Another huge vote of confidence for tablets: in 2021 Google did some serious soul searching about hardware and concluded that tablets, not laptops, are the future. They started investing heavily into tablets and they actually hired one of the founders of Android (Rich Miner) to be in charge of tablets in 2022. Microsoft has a massive head start on Google when it comes to tablets. And if any of you have an Android tablet (I do), the updates Google is doing is to make their Android tablets more like a PC, which the Surface tablets already are. Microsoft would be insanely foolish to not continue with the Surface tablets. People want a tablet that’s not heavy (basically the Surface Go weight) but runs a true, full operating system. This is exactly what the Surface tablet line is! Apparently there’s an 11 inch Surface Pro coming out soon and that might be the best one they’ve ever made (significantly lighter than the current Surface Pro while being significantly more powerful than the Surface Go)

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