"Neo" and "Duo" are confusing names


Duo means “two”, while Neo means “new”.

Surface Duo is so named because it has two screens.

But Surface Neo, the phone, has also two screens!

So why one is called Duo and the other isn’t, when they both have two screens?

And why the phone is called Surface Neo? If it is because it is new (Neo), then Surface Duo is also new, both being announced at the same event.

To me, these are very confusing names. I hope Microsoft calls these devices something else before officially releasing them.

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  1. vernonlvincent

    I don't know - given Microsoft's track record of naming sofware updates, what would you have them call the Duo? The Microsoft Multiscreen Productivity Communicator Home Edition with Lightweight Office Suite? Seriously - when Apple's differentiation on iPhone Pro is a third camera that makes it look like a Norelco shaver and some arbitrary features, I have no problems with the naming of either the Duo or the Neo. One's smaller than the other. One runs Android, the other doesn't. When it's formally released - they will likely have the branding differentiation ironed out.

  2. Orin

    FYI the phone is called Duo. You have them reversed.

    As for the naming scheme, Duo does make sense.

    Neo, for the tablet, kind of makes sense as well. We haven't really seen two screen full size devices yet. This really is a new form factor.

  3. waethorn

    Surface Neo is the first Surface phone device. And it's running Android, so it qualifies as a "new" device category for Microsoft.

  4. waethorn

    Neo: cuz a new Matrix movie is coming out. Expect product placement.

  5. bob_shutts

    MS pushed out awesome updates to their actual laptops, but these two goofy little devices stole the spotlight from all that. How to steal defeat from the jaws of victory!

  6. ngc224

    As Paul mentioned, Microsoft also introduced Windows 10X and Surface Pro X, but the Surface Pro X doesn't run Windows 10X.

    • harmjr

      In reply to ngc224:

      That and we have the Surface Pro, Surface Pro 2, Surface Pro 3 Surface Pro 4, Surface Pro (2017), Surface Pro 6. Surface Pro 7, Surface Pro X

      I swear Microsoft's Marketing people need to be sacrificed to the gods...

  7. thejoefin

    Yeah they are confusing and I would guess people will be getting them confused for years after they get released.

    I have no good ideas for alternatives but I feel sorry for the Microsoft support employees who will be dealing with this confusion.

  8. StevenLayton

    Maybe the names are dumb, maybe not. But for the average Joe or organisation that might buy one, they won't care as its just a name that they'll get used to. As enthusiasts, sometimes we other think simple things.