Surface Book 2 Wake/Power On Issues


A few months ago, I got top dollar for my Surface Book (512GB Model) and picked up a Surface Book 2 (512GB) and I’ve been extremely happy with it. Until now…

Over the last few days, it will not power on by the button. It simply will not power on from sleep/hibernation. Same goes if it is a full power down. It will not power on at all.

The simplest workaround is to detach the screen and it will power on with the button. If I leave it attached, I have to do the 12 second button press and then back on and then it works. Both of these are unacceptable.

Is anyone encountering this? Is this a hardware issue? I don’t want to have to swap it out. I love this one and don’t want to have to replace it. I hope it is fixed with a firmware update. I just hope it won’t take too long.

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