Surface Book + Xbox Wireless Headset

I recently tried the Xbox Wireless Headset with my Surface Book 2, and was pleasantly surprised by the experience. Unlike pairing with an iMac or other laptop over bluetooth, because of the Xbox wireless chip in the Surface, it treats it like another Xbox – in other words a primary device rather than a secondary one.


One of the issues using the headset with a computer without the chip is that if it’s linked to an Xbox in your house, it will turn that on, which is probably not the best thing when you’re trying to get work done. However linking it with the Surface Book breaks this link and avoids you needing to prance into the living room to turn off the Xbox.


I just wondered – does connecting via the Xbox Wireless Chip also solve any of the issues that the Surface Headphones 2+ is supposed to solve? I.e. audio quality and range on Teams or Zoom. It’s probably a very niche topic, but I wondered if anyone else had tried it, or had any thoughts? as this is clearly a more affordable option for those with Xbox wireless built in to their computers.

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