Surface Duo: What are you expecting from the upcoming reviews later this week?


Looking at YouTube videos and Twitter comments I’m expecting:

Physical Hardware:

  • Excellent aesthetics and premium feel.
  • Has a wow factor.
  • Very well balanced.
  • Hinge feels good.
  • Does fit in the pocket, however, it may be a tight fit for some, and it won’t fit in some pockets where your current phone does fit.
  • In “span” mode the seam in the middle prevents from a proper tablet like experience and can be annoying if apps have not added support for it. Developer support will be paramount for the “span” mode.
  • Think of it as a two screen device and expect to use it as two seperate screens rather than a single large screen, especially in “book mode”. In portrait orientation the seam is less of an issue.
  • The bezels are too big for a modern smartphone, though you will get used to it (like the notch on many phones).


  • Not a flagship camera.
  • Takes decent pictures though as long as flagship quality is not what you are after.
  • Not sure how they can significantly improve the camera quality without a camera bump as all flagships have had camera bumps and multiple lenses in their flagships for the last few years.


  • Good gestures and ideas.
  • Software experience still needs improvement.
  • Software experience does not have the wow factor that the physical hardware has.
  • Some bugs still need to be ironed out.
  • Need app developers on board so that apps make the most of the dual screens and so the seam does not annoyingly cut through the middle of the app.

What are you all expecting?

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