Surface Elite: Will MSFT ever merge the Pro and the Book?


I believe others have brought up idea when the Surface Book was first introduced but with it being the season of reflection and forward thinking and the Microsoft hardware release coming this spring I had this image stuck in my mind. An image of Surface Book and Pro merging into one product.

Before I continue I don’t believe and cannot imagine Microsoft will unveil this product this spring. I imagine Microsoft possibly going this route over the next 3 years.

The product I am dubbing the Surface Elite was be simply a Surface Pro with a 13.5″ screen. This device would mate to a line of various attachable keyboard bases i.e. laptop base with a dGPU or a lighter type keyboard for lighter / more mobile use cases. I feel that the similarities between the Pro and the Book make it possible for Microsoft to merge the product lines if they wanted to.

This image also lead me to imagining a more mobile version, aka the Surface Mobile. A device half the size of the Elite (think a A5 sheet of paper). It could be Microsoft’s Windows on Arm flagship tablet with similar keyboard bases as the Elite.

It would be a cool (I think anyways) line of semi-modular products if Microsoft were to follow my crazy ideas.

What do other see Microsoft doing with their Surface products in the future?

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