See the comparison of the Surface Duo to the Galaxy Fold here: https://www.windowscentral.com/surface-duo-better-galaxy-z-fold-2

What is the Surface Duo for? Getting work done better on small devices, especially multi-tasking.

Who is it for? Me. Except for the price. I don’t know if there are enough me’s to drive a business. But everything I know about my personal and work flows tells me I would benefit from this device.

Now that the software is out there, I’m wondering if it can be grandfathered into other fold or dual-screen devices by MicroSoft OEM’s? The functionality feels like the future.

Look at the video. Whether you want the device or not, continuing to ask what it’s supposed to do would be, IMO, kind of obtuse.

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  1. JanesJr1

    Here's another: https://www.youtube.com/user/MobileTechReview I don't know if this product will gather a user base, but I can see a few reasons to give it a try when the price comes down and we get past version 1.0. This has the feel of something we all might find out we need as a surprise, because we're now too used to doing things the same, inefficient way with one screen.

    By contrast, more than a decade later, I cannot think of one reason to get an iPad. I got a couple of iPads as first-devices for my kids, but for myself, with the iPad slotted between phones and laptops, I can't see the point of them, though I use other Apple devices. The functionality of the Duo has a lot more tangible potential for the constant multi-tasking I have to do. And it's not being type-A and fragging my attention; it's the necessity of my work to synthesize from many sources and I need to do that more efficiently (i.e. stress reduction). I'm not clear how far up the hierarchy of apps and info sources I use that the Duo will help, but I'm open to it.

  2. RM2016

    The patch that came out a few days ago made quite a difference. I am having almost no problems. While it was definitely glitchy the real trouble is training yourself to use it correctly. Most of the errors are from the learning curve. I am using it as my daily driver, and have added a Galaxy Active 2 for when I'm walking around and for off loading the missing NFC. I have also stopped using a wallet; taking along a single card and Id when it is required. It is very nice in the pocket because it is thin. My Razer Phone 2 was much more uncomfortable.

    It is a lifestyle change as much as a productivity change. I find myself compartmentalizing much more than I did before. When its closed its closed. You loose the urge to constantly look at it which frees you for more productive time management. My Facebook usage has dropped precipitously. When you want to use it you open it up, and the watch serves the notification purpose in between. So much less interruption. While is might be less cumbersome to use a single app on a regular phone (high clock rate single thread), the functionality of using two apps and sometimes three (The world after Ryzen or the first AMD dual core) makes everything function at a higher level. The extra real estate is wonderful.

    I'm not going back especially with the narrow width of modern phones. Everything just looks and works better. Even if you are in a single app you will use it in open portrait mode that has a large width and height without the bar that splits the screen in landscape. Would you go back to a single core processor with a monitor half the width. I don't think you would. Those who are complaining the most are just not productive people.

    I was so tired of switching out of apps when I would log into different websites just to do the authentications. So much easier. Phone or messages on the right and reading on the left. Just easy. Want to look up something without loosing your work --- no problem.

  3. Travis

    That's a great video. Thanks for sharing. If I were in the market for a folding device I would lean towards the Duo as I wouldn't use it for consuming video but more like she shows with multitasking. However the lack of Tmobile band 71 and nfc make it a pass for me at this point. I look forward to getting one maybe next year though.

  4. remc86007

    One type of person it apparently works for is my wife in her job as a neurosurgery nurse. Apparently she is constantly having to use her phone (weird, I know; I think many hospitals have given into BYOD, HIPAA be damned) to simultaneously view emails from doctors and have PDFs of medical records and charts of the hospital's surgical supplies. She also uses it for video conferences where she can read data and view the presenter's screen at the same time. So far she is enjoying the Duo. She said the battery is lasting 2 to 3 times longer than her iPhone 8 was. She has never gotten it below 25% before plugging it in for the night despite heavy usage at work.

    I think the Duo is useful in way more professional settings than that typical journalist reviewers can relate to. I have a lot of respect for MJF and Paul, but I think they really aren't the target for this device at all.

    Having seen my wife using it for two weeks, I'll gladly trade my Note 10 for the Duo once the price comes down a bit. I can imagine many situations in my work as an appellate lawyer where a device like the Duo (and its ability to view multiple documents and emails at once) would be an adequate substitute for dragging my 15 inch SL3 around with me.

    The performance hiccups that were experienced by the reviewers seem to be mostly gone and the actual UI is way more fluid and intuitive than a couple minute video or a few minutes at Best Buy would lead you to believe.

    • red.radar

      In reply to remc86007:

      I have been in situations where I take a phone call on my iphone and having to bounce around to get to reference documents has been really cumbersome. I can see how being a doctor or other mobile professional where this device has appeal. After reading several other accounts I hope Microsoft refines the device further and look forward to future generations.

    • kingbuzzo

      In reply to remc86007:

      This is spot-on.

      I have mad respect for MJF & PT however sometimes their reviews are not enterprise targeted but more personal.

      This device would definitely help with my work - my personal stuff not so much (no headphone jack sucks, no external notification means, no one handed use at all, uber expensive, no availability in Canada).

      My waking hours are sadly spent working so it kind of wins out however if they don't sell any, Satya kills it off, I'm stuck in same boat as my Lumia...