Why did Microsoft give up on Home Assistance market


So the XBox One S, may be really great priced product, but its a bit dull, and not compelling without any Kinnect Voice control. Meanwhile Amazon Fre Stick, comes with Alexa, home entertainment hub and Home assitance support at a great price.

Amazon are eating up the home entertainment and AI assistance market. Microsoft are nowhere, with Cortana stuck on desktops, which no ones uses.

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  1. TechnologyTemperance

    My Guess: With billions of dollars burnt on phones, media players, and a small graveyard of other consumer products and services, I think Microsoft is being cautious with jumping into trend-driven consumer markets. They'll enable software and Azure services to support companies, but building their own hardware is something that is going to require a much higher bar to get C-level approval than it used to.

  2. illuminated

    Microsoft is just an unlucky driver in consumer space.