WTF Surface Book 2


In what world do you preorder a product (in stock and early) that doesn’t arrive to your customer the same day you can buy it in a store?

My Surfacebook is still ‘processing’. I may just go grab it from Best Buy and let MS get their first refurb back from me.

I wouldn’t be surprised if it doesn’t arrive until next week. At least when I preorder something from Apple, it either comes day of or one day before.

I really thought Microsoft had learned SOMETHING about taking care of their early adopters.

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    Yeah I ordered with-in minutes of it being available. Says it shipped on the 16th. FedEx says it hasn't. I guess I'll check Best Buy and cancel this Microsoft order.

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    Bob Freeman

    Mine was rescheduled to December. and it arrived on Nov 17, so who knows?

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    Brad Sams

    This isnt only Microsoft...I can order an iPhone X from Apple and get it in 2-3 weeks, or go to my local store and get one if it's in stock.

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    This can happen through the way stock allocation is done with retailers. Its unfortunate but there is not much that can be done if you have demand that outstrips allocation of a product with a finite number of units manufactured and allocated to you. Its easy to say to either just manufacture more or allocate more to their own retailer but such manufacturing practices are wasteful and potentially dangerous (see Surface RT $1B write-off) and if you do not allocate what the major retailers want you run the potential of pissing them off and losing their business.

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    I understand the corporate reasoning: it's important to have them on store shelves for the majority of folks, who aren't aware of the product, so they can buy them. Anyone who preorders knows what they want, but many consumers if it's not available will just pick up something else, which means a lost sale. Sucks, but in a situation with constrained supply, makes sense.

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    Paul Thurrott

    They seem to have this kind of issue at every launch. It's weird.

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    If they have limited numbers and want to ship late that's fine. Put the date on the pre-order page and keep pushing the date back as the orders come in. I ordered with-in mins of the page going up and it said 16th; should have shipped on 16th.

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