MS #2 most loved brand


Interesting. You would think with Paul’s trashing of everything Microsoft does they would be WAY down the list. But the average person is not as super-critical as Paul.

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    I find it amazing that Microsoft can excel on opposite ends of such a wide spectrum, like Azure (enterprise) and Xbox (consumer gaming).  They are an enigma.  :-)

  2. 124

    Give me Windows or give me death!


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    I have but one life to give for my Lumia 830!


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    God Bless Windows 10 and Windows phones!


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    "Apple makes all the devices we love so much" ?????  REALLY? 

  6. 8819

    Still a lot of anti-MSFT bias in the developer community (see it first hand at my own company and at clients).  They do seem to be on the right track with how open they've become in in their cloud offerings, hopefully that continues to wear down those old feelings of "big bad MSFT"

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    I'm going to ban you from the site if you keep up with this bullshit. I don't bash Microsoft, and this forum isn't here for personal attacks.