Anyone else not yet receive 1809?


I have a custom built rig and I still haven’t yet received the 1809 update. Is anyone else waiting for it?

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  1. simont

    I haven't received it on my Surface Pro 2017 yet.

  2. Lauren Glenn

    Download the ISO and just install it. I've done that on every PC I've built so I upgrade them all at the same time. Never any issues (aside from 1809 which has seemed to cause more problems than it has solved so far)

  3. martinusv2

    Nothing on Windows update.

    Tried the Windows Update Adviser. Said my computer was compatible. No software incompatibilities or drivers. Downloaded the update started the install. And then after the second reboot got the message that the update was reverting. Still trying to figuring out what happened.

  4. harmjr

    After 1803 I hit the pause button on all my devices and will wait until after the patch Tuesday before updating.

    So that will be some time in December for 1809.

    I am glad I did. Now I am wondering if waiting for 2 patch Tuesdays to roll past before updating in the future.

  5. brisonharvey

    Nothing through Windows Update for my Surface Book 2.

  6. jwpear

    None of our household machines--Surfaces, Yoga, and a couple of custom desktops--have gotten it, but I don't really view that as a bad thing. I've considered installing it manually on one machine, but then I think about just how uninteresting 1809 is, how much trouble MS appeared to have fixing a file deletion bug, and how long they went without communicating anything about the delay. That suggests there were other serious problems with the release. My time and machine resources are too valuable to be their testbed.

  7. Paul Thurrott

    The better question may be, "has anyone actually received this update?"

  8. SherlockHolmes

    Guys, whats the problem? If you really want it, simply download the ISO and update your PC by yourself.

  9. christian.hvid

    At this pace, there's no way 1809 will be fully deployed before 1903 comes along. Unless, of course, 1903 is delayed too - which is all but certain at this point. If Microsoft doesn't switch to an annual release cadence next year, I'd say it's time for a shareholder intervention.

  10. lethalleigh

    Of my four W10 devices (one desktop and three laptops) only one laptop has 1809 and only because I went looking for it. For my exuberance I have been punished with missing favorites in Edge and daily wifi issues when using my VPN. That will teach me. :)

    • Lauren Glenn

      In reply to lethalleigh:

      For Wifi issues, use a program called Fiddler and set up a local proxy server. That lets all those UWP apps work just fine over VPN (at least it does for me with Any Connect). That's a new issue with 1809 that wasn't there with 1803.

  11. christian.hvid

    Absolutely nothing on my Surface Book 2 yet. I even tried to force-feed the poor thing via the Upgrade Assistant, but halfway through the process it suddenly halted and reverted back to 1803, with no explanation whatsoever.

  12. jprestig

    My desktop has it but it has not shown up for my HP laptop yet.

  13. robincapper

    Oddly my Surface Book 2 hasn't got it but a then new Surface Go grabbed it (without prompting) soon after the October initial release (with no apparent problems)

  14. Jason Peter

    "I have a custom built rig and I still haven’t yet received the 1809 update."

    Consider yourself lucky.

  15. wright_is

    I updated all of mine at the beginning of October...

    At work, we have downloaded the updates for WSUS and are rollig them out to a test group of PCs first.

  16. StevenLayton

    Custom AMD rig, no 1809, but I'm in no rush!

  17. PeterC

    well I was waiting for it on my Surface Pro 5 (2017), but ive now deferred feature updates. I think the times come to stay well behind what Microsoft says is "ready".

  18. Tony Barrett

    Personally, I'd defer any feature update on Win10 for at least 3-6 months, and that's what I recommend to anyone running it. Do NOT be at the cutting edge on this OS - that's the only advice I can give.

  19. JustDavid

    I had to use the Upgrade Assistant to get it on my Surface Pro 6 and on the Surface Go earlier today. Both completed successfully.

    • rvanallen

      In reply to JustDavid:

      Did same with my SP3. Always like to upgrade hardwired, dedicated, and my timeline. Since install about a week ago, experienced a one-time "Driver Power State Failure." Unknown if this was directly related although have never had anything like this before.

  20. F4IL

    They have blocked the 1809 roll-out for certain hw classes with intel GPUs. This affects both server and consumer branches as of 21/11.

  21. ErichK

    Me neither. Something tells me I might be in for a bit of a wait.

  22. jimchamplin

    I wish I hadn't.