Apps I need a Surface Go which aren’t available


Some apps that i would need for a Surface Go to replace my iPad Mini

  1. Kindle Reader
  2. Amazon Prime Video (With offline download)
  3. Udemy App (With offline download)
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9 responses to “Apps I need a Surface Go which aren’t available”

  1. lvthunder

    Write Amazon and complain. That's the only way your first two are going to change.

  2. james.h.robinson

    Isn't Kindle Reader available? I'm used it on my Windows 10 machine yesterday.

  3. Stocklone

    With PlayOn, everything becomes an offline download. If these companies aren't going to fix it for you, fix it yourself.

  4. wunderbar

    Good luck with that.

  5. VancouverNinja

    I use the Kindle for PC app and it works very well. It was last updated this April.

  6. bbold

    Everytime people say there are 'apps we need' for such and such, they always bring up Amazon, Kindle or Google apps and services. Sorry, guys. Easier said than done. Ball lies in Google's and Amazon's respective courts. I'm sure Microsoft would love to have apps in the store that better fit customer needs, but many times, its out of their hands.