Changing default user folders, mapping them to Onedrive


Hi folks,

I’m trying to change my default folders and have Windows point to them on my D: drive, rather than my C: drive – and also map them to Onedrive. Essentially I just want to move those folders to D and have them continue to sync with Onedrive – but I keep getting an error message.

Has anyone got a clear way to move these folders?

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  1. coeus89

    I am not sure what the best way is. What i did is, in onedrive settings, select the location you want the onedrive to sync to on you D drive. Wait for that to finish syncing. Then, in file explorer, go into each of your folders (documents, photos, etc...) and select "Move to" and select the place in your D drive which also happens to be in your onedrive. The folders will now be on your D drive and in onedrive.

    Edit: I am at work so i cannot test that this is 100% the correct way. Just google "how to move documents folder to a different drive location" and make sure this is correct.

  2. Dan1986ist

    Well, you can move user folders to a different drive by going into properties for your users folders via the right-click menu, choosing the location tab and typing in D:/%UserProfile%/desktop and so on. This should move your user profiles over to your D: drive. As for syncing user folders from your D: drive to OneDrive, not sure if that is supported or if user folders have to be on Drive C.

  3. AnOldAmigaUser

    I believe that this is a multi-step process.

    You need to create a Users folder on D, and then create folders for the individual users. You then need to move the OneDrive folder synch location to be a subfolder of the usersusername directory, for each user. This is done in OneDrive settings. Finally, you can relocate the Documents to the D:userusernameOneDrive folder using the Location tab of the Properties dialog. If there is a Documents folder there already, it will be used.

    You might also want to relocate Desktop, Downloads, Music, and Videos to the D:userusername directory as well, though probably not in OneDrive.

    I believe that there are some things, like AppData that need to stay on the C drive, which precludes defining %userprofile% to the D drive.

  4. Patrick3D

    Move the OneDrive folder to D:

    Once that is moved then right-click the OneDrive icon in the System Tray, select Settings, click the Backup tab, and click the Manage backup button for a simple wizard to move Desktop, Documents, and Pictures folders to OneDrive (you get to choose which folders.)

    Some other folders in your user profile such as Music and Videos can be moved by right-clicking > Properties > Location (tab) > Move (button.)

  5. ommoran

    Thank you everyone for the help. I have now made the move, and it's worked well.

    Transferring applications that have been installed on C is a different story, but it's coming along. Any recommendations for tools to do this?

    • simont

      In reply to ommoran:

      For apps, you would need to uninstall and then re-install and use the advanced option if available and point the installer to the D drive. Normally it is much better to have your programs on the C drive and your data on the D drive. The exception is games if you have a seperate drive, since they take up so much space.