Confused Microsoft Support…


Called them about an email issue with my business account, I have multi-domains set to go to that email address, but when I try to send an email from one of the other domains ( alias) it always has my main email address attached as a return address. Microsoft told me I need “another” license to do that as a separate box. When I showed them it works just fine in Gsuite she ended the call and said she would call me back. That was 30 min’s ago…WTF

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  1. hrlngrv

    Welcome to the current age of phone support. The people who answer the phone are NOT paid to think. They follow a script. In your case, the script probably told the phone support person to elevate the problem to higher powers.

  2. beckoningeagle

    A few years back my issue with spam got so bad that I started creating aliases do different things. For example [email protected] That way I would be able to tell which companies were selling my e-mail address and maybe I could get a better hold of the spam problem (this was before advanced threat protections and other features were included as part of the subscription).

    My plan did not work because of this very problem. The incoming mail would always show my real email address once received by Office 365, and not the Alias. I tried looking into the header, some transport rules, but no, it was already translated when it reached my tenant. I have always though this to be dumb and Microsoft never fixed it when I confronted them about this. It has been 10 years at least since that call.

    Now my plan includes Advanced Threat Protection, Defender and Information Protection and the problem has been greatly reduced.

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