Hack Attempts-MS Account Sign-in Activity


Hi every now and then when I log into my Microsoft Account on the web, I will check the Security/Sign-in Activity page. I see all my legit logins from my Android device and Windows 10 desktop, but occasionally I will see a failed IMAP sync attempt from foreign countries (Vietnam, China, Russia)- obvious hack attempts. MS shows a message for the entry: “Don’t worry, the sign-in attempt was unsuccessful”, but this bothers me that there are hackers out there attempting it.

My MS account is about as locked-down as you can make it: 2FA, no app passwords, disabled log-in for all my aliases except for one.

Is there any way to disable IMAP for a regular personal hotmail.com/live.com/outlook.com, or any other measure I can take to protect my account? Is this just the world in which we live in now and have to deal with this stuff? Thanks

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