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I really do not access my outlook or hotmail accounts through “Microsoft Account”, i just go straight to my email accounts. But today I had to because for some reason one of my accounts only allows me to access the email aliases through “Microsoft Account”. So entering the account, which my phone uses, I see my name. Ok, so there is my name. but what really ticked me off was seeing my birth date! WTH!……….WHY?……….and where did that come from, which was probably from my carrier.

Again!……………Why is my birth date posted? Does Microsoft feel I need to be reminded as to when it is my birthday? This is just crap! And people wonder why and how they get their identity stolen.

So out of curiosity, has this happen to anyone else, and if yes, does anyone care?

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  1. anchovylover

    Perhaps you should contact MS themselves. How is this a issue? This site has no relationship with MS as I understand it.

  2. AnOldAmigaUser

    Could it be that when you created the Microsoft Account, you provided your birthday? I believe that they are required to ask, to determine if you are a child under the age of 13. Pretty stupid, since of course, one need not answer truthfully, but I believe that could be the reason. I do not believe that information is shared with anyone.

    If you have friends using gmail and they enter your birthday in their contact information for you, then Google knows your birthday as well since they create a shadow account for you. They also use the words in emails you send to those gmail users to build out that profile. Same for Facebook.

    Welcome to the world of Big Brother.

  3. lwetzel

    I wonder why you name did not appear on this post? Hmmmm.