MS financials UP – MS services mostly DOWN (again).


So MS financials going up – whilst MS services going down (mainly).

Xbox live, One Drive, MS account, Outlook, Windows update….. the list is endless. All these services have been RUBBISH for days/weeks/months, up and down like a YO YO.

Services: not available, not syncing, cant find account, unregistered product, duplicated email accounts (?!?!?!?!?)

My Office 365 renewal date is in 18 days. Ive just bought an Office 2016 product license and will not be renewing office 365 this year. I don’t care about how good value for money it supposedly is….. its quality of service is….. rubbish!!!!!

One Drive is utter….. PANTS! again just like it was back last October/November 2018.

Im ranting. Yes sorry. I cant be on my own experiencing this really poor level of commercial service. am I?

Someone needs to really get a grip in Redmond. Lord help us when Microsoft 365 becomes the consumer default product (I wont be using it). Im sure in their ivory towers they can convince themselves theyre innovative geniuses. Down here they look like utter NUMPTIES. (its a UK phrase). Get a grip please.

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