MSFT Stock Analysis for Dummies


In the last 5 years MSFT stock has increased approximately 4.5x. At a high level, what has been the most important 1-3 points that have helped Microsoft significantly?

Office 365 mail?

Office 365 apps and subscription model?

General enterprise licensing increases?

Azure revenues?


I missed out on this MSFT stock boom in the 2010s.

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  1. simont

    Nokia and Windows phone!!!

  2. ABT

    Good one, simont. More seriously, my guess would be Azure growth. I imagine most analysts project continued aobve average growth in the cloud segment, which as I uderstand, scales very well (from a profit perspective). I think another big contributor would be the aggressive cost cutting in consumer R&D spending as well as middle management has trickled straight down to the bottom line.

  3. techguy33

    Boom during Ballmer's tenure? Ha..good one.