New Bing summarizes Ask Paul Premium article

Hi Paul,

Not sure if you have already tried this.. but I thought I did give a try.

I asked new Bing to summarize your latest Ask Paul February 17. And it did give me questions and your answers.

Here’s a small snippet from the chat..

Here is a summary of the article on titled “Ask Paul: February 17” along with the answers ¹:

– The article is a collection of questions and answers from readers about various topics related to Microsoft, Windows, and technology.

– Some of the questions and answers are:

– How to deal with Windows 11’s new taskbar behavior?

– You can use a third-party tool called TaskbarX to center-align your taskbar icons or use a registry hack to restore the old behavior.

– What are some good alternatives to Google Photos?

– You can try Microsoft OneDrive, Amazon Photos, Apple iCloud Photos, or Dropbox.

– Why does Microsoft Edge use so much memory?


Source: Conversation with Bing, 2/21/2023(1) Ask Paul: February 17 (Premium) – Accessed 2/21/2023.

(2) Home – Accessed 2/21/2023.

(3) Thurrott Feed on Twitter: “Ask Paul: February 17 (Premium) http://dlvr …. Accessed 2/21/2023.

I think giving citations to the above article is not enough since it’s behind a paywall, and I guess this is the new age problem of the content creators where paid articles will also get visible on AI powered chatbots.

Your thoughts?


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