outlook.com won’t open…


I keep having an issue where outlook.com will not open. The envelope just opens and closes over and over… Repeated in Edge, Chrome, & Safari. With and without extensions turned on.

Anyone seen this or know what’s up?

I did a screen recording on my laptop… Happens on my desktop too. MacOS or Win10Pro.

Here is the 15 or so seconds of that via my OneDrive…


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  1. yoshi

    Happens to me all the time as well. I have to close the tab and try again. It normally works after that. It’s a pain.

  2. bkkcanuck

    go into task manager and hunt for everything in it outlook and kill them -- then open it.

  3. anoldamigauser

    Just started happening here. The first time I rebooted, since I had just fired up the machine anyway and there was nothing else running. The second time, I just stopped and reloaded the page and that did the trick.

  4. lwetzel

    Seems to work ok on other browser (firefox, Vivaldi, Brave) but not so on Edge. It comes up but looks like a pared-down phone version.

  5. christophercollins

    I can't even get it to login, just that damn envelope over and over.

    It does open sometimes.

    I have been troubleshooting and I'm wondering if having the Keep Me Signed In box checked.

    Today, I've gotten in 100% of the time when I went there logged out.

    With that box checked, I've gotten stuck in the loop 5-10 times.

    Anyone else care to test this out and see if I'm onto something?

    • lwetzel

      It is still as I experienced it yesterday. Looks like what I see on my iPhone but a much bigger version on my desktop. I don't care for it and hope that is not the future but it does display my mail and not just a folder.

    • lwetzel

      Ok. Well, I just shut down Edge and restarted it and now it seems to be working fine. I had left Edge up on my machine and not shut down the machine from yesterday. So Don't know if that will help.

  6. lindhartsen

    I've had a similar issue here using Outlook as a PWA with Edge on Windows 10. The loading animation loops a couple times before it finally appears to work. Unfortunately I don't have a resolution since it's typically worked eventually.

    If you haven't tried it, clear all cookies and related data in each browser for Microsoft sites and try logging in from scratch. Maybe there's a cookie set that's causing the loop to happen?

  7. christophercollins

    This is cross platform (both OS & browser).

    So far, I continue to have success after turning off the 'Keep Me Signed In' checkbox.

  8. ggolcher

    Happens to me all the time.

    Go into the Inspector -> Application -> Storage and click the Clear Site Data button. It should clear it right up.