Outlook spam


What is it with all the spam this weekend? That is making it to my unbox.

But yet, they go and put ebay in spam.

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  1. bharris

    After being bitten several times, I disabled the Junk Mail folder and the focused inbox. Being that they really can't be relied upon, instead of bringing the important stuff to the top, all they really do is create more folders that need to be checked. I just have everything going to the inbox and go through it each day with either Archive or Delete so each day it goes back to zero messages. I had rather delete ten junk mails than miss one that is important

  2. kindsoul

    just probably their spam-word list got few recent updates and some words gotta sticky effect :)

  3. wright_is

    On my account they put their own LinkedIn under spam... But that is about the only spam I get.

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