Surface Duo – a Difference Idea


Hello all,

I have written a small piece on Surface Duo and why I think it is a different idea/concept. Your thoughts?!

Surface Duo – a Different Idea

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3 responses to “Surface Duo – a Difference Idea”

  1. garythornberry

    I find your review very thoughtful, and I agree with your conclusions. Thank you.

  2. Lauren Glenn

    Interesting. A decent and well written review. One problem I see is "5G isn't widespread".... UWB isn't widespread. 5G lowband is on T-Mobile. This phone doesn't even support band 71 on LTE or 5G LB. And it doesn't have a micro SD card slot which limits my use of it even if I did buy it.

    The hinge seems like an excellent idea and it seems like many Android phones where the 1st OS of release of the phone has bugs in it but the hardware is on a higher level than the software at first.

    But the bad camera, no TMobile band 71, and no micro SD card slot is why I went with the LG V60 Dual Screen. Also it costs $800 less, has a much better camera, best audio in a phone with the Quad DAC, and the double screen is nice although not as nice as what Microsoft promises.

  3. minke

    Good review, but I see zero benefit of the possible use cases for myself. Anything that I would call "productivity" requires a real keyboard and trackpad or mouse, so a laptop or convertible is vastly more useful. I can get one of those at half the price with 10 times the productivity. Give me a quality phone with quality camera and a quality laptop and I am good to go. The Duo would just be a third wheel.