Teams update affecting USB microphones


Appears setting the (relatively) new Noise Suppression to “Off” fixes the issue of high fidelity microphones not working well with Teams.

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  1. wright_is

    Been in Teams all day and not noticed any problems. I use a Jabra headset and the others a range of Jabra, Logitech and Dell headsets. What is the problem that you have been experiencing?

  2. j5

    I use Teams for work. And they gave us all a specific Plantronics USB headset that's supposed to be compatible with Teams. Lots of people complained about all the different issues they'd have with their personal headphones, earbuds, Bluetooth, etc. Once everyone switched to those Plantronics USB headsets, zero issues. Some people still use personal ones and have figured out work arounds, but that's case by case.

  3. beckoningeagle

    Thanks for the tip. It happened to me yesterday, Everything in Teams was working as it should, the settings screen would even show that the mic was picking up sound, but nobody could hear me. Then while in the middle of the meeting when I was just able to type on the chat, it started working (and no, I was not in mute :-) )