What’s the current version of IE11?


This might sound like a stupid question, but what’s the current version # of IE11?

At work, we have a VM of Windows 10 that’s running IE 11.5. Out of curiosity, I checked the version of IE on my home computer, and I have IE 11.2. This doesn’t make sense to me because my home computer is up-to-date with all the latest RTM changes.


Windows 10 Enterprise Version 1803 (OS Build 17134.523)

IE Version 11.523.17134.0


Windows 10 Home Version 1809 (OS Build 17763.292)

IE Version 11.253.17763.0

I don’t understand how my home computer has an older version of IE but a newer version of Windows than the work computer?

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  1. Komosis

    At my workplace, on Pro1803, my version is 11.523.17134.0

    On 1903, build 18329.1, the version is 11.1.18329.0

  2. timo47

    I don't think you should interpret the version number like that.

    The version is just "11", and the other numbers are linked to the OS build version.

    If you look at the Enterprise version, 523 corresponds with the "minor" version of the OS build and 17134 is the "major" version number. For some reason, in the IE version number, these minor and major numbers have been put in reverse order.

    For your IE at home, the minor number of IE (253) is lower than that of the OS (292). I assume that's because IE was not updated in the last builds.

    • JimP

      In reply to timo47:

      Hmmm...interesting. I hadn't noticed that with the numbers.

      Part of the reason I am asking is that IE 11.5 comes with a huge, breaking change with how it caches REST calls. I can't even find anything on the Internet about it.

  3. remco8264

    The easiest way is to not look at the Version line, but instead at the Update Versions line. This is currently 11.0.105 and should have a KB link to the most recent update. This number should be the same on any OS build.

  4. snow.steve22

    On my recently updated Windows 7 Ultimate system (without the Feb. Patch Tuesday updates so far) IE's at

    11.0.9600.19236 (KB4480965).


    11.0.9600.19266 (KB4486474) after Feb Patch Tuesday was added.