Windows 10 1903’s UWP print stack is broken – Edge, Mail, any other UWP apps won’t print.


I’m seeing a huge influx of printers on Windows 10 systems that have been updated to 1903 (now that they’re pushing it out in full force) that are reporting a “configuration problem” in modern apps like Edge, Windows Mail, Photos, etc.

HP, Brother, Epson. They’ll all print fine in any program that uses a custom print mechanism, such as Microsoft Office, LibreOffice, Firefox, Chrome, Adobe Reader, etc., just not in the UWP-style print support.

WTF is going on with Microsoft lately?!?

I talked to a tech support guy from there – they say it’s a known issue and they want printer manufacturers to release updates to fix it, but printer manufacturers are claiming it’s Microsoft’s fault for breaking stuff in this build of Windows, where it previously worked fine in anything pre-1903.

I even had reports from users that bought brand new printers made this year, got the latest drivers from their manufacturer’s site (one was an HP with drivers dated in August 2019), and it still wouldn’t work. Some users even had *CLEAN* 1903 installs on brand new systems.

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5 responses to “Windows 10 1903’s UWP print stack is broken – Edge, Mail, any other UWP apps won’t print.”

  1. evox81

    In an office full of 1903 machines, with a couple 1909 machine thrown in, I'm not able to reproduce this issue. Edge and Windows Mail print fine. And the printers in question are both 6+ years old and haven't received updated drivers in years.

  2. ErichK

    I'd be willing to try to print from a couple of UWP apps once I get home this evening. Just got a new monochrome laser printer because my HP inkjet was driving me crazy (long story).

  3. ErichK

    Okay, I was able to print but there were issues: I was able to print a page from Wikipedia from Edge and an e-mail from the Mail app. However, the e-mail only printed after the third try. (I did not receive the "configuration problem" message that you did.)

  4. waethorn

    This is the error, and it happens a LOT.

  5. bill_russell

    I'd stick with "legacy" tried and true software. Not sure why we need UWP.