Windows Weekly – Microsoft’s Earnings Call Non-Reporting


I really, really love Windows Weekly, even though I have just culled Windows from most of my PCs. However, each quarter we have to sit through (or F-FWD the episode as I do) as we get the usual non-news that is Microsoft’s earnings call. I call it non-news as we get the same each quarter – vague percentages of a non-given number that equal another non-given number. It is totally meaningless. I’m sure I could listen to the previous earnings episode 3 months ago/6 months ago etc etc., and learn just as much! Is this earnings call a summary for public consumption? Do shareholders get the same nonsensical Microsoft verbal garbage? Is this normal for US corporations? I’m sure results elsewhere are not given in the same obfuscated manner. Paul & Mary Jo must get frustrated reporting the usual non-news each time.

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  1. lwetzel

    Have you ever stopped to think that other people might want to know this bad/good/truthful/untruthful information?

    • navarac

      Yes, but is, essentially the same each and every quarter; even Paul and Mary Jo admit that.