640 update


Did anyone get it?

When is it coming out?

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  1. Jules Wombat

    What Update Firmware or OS ?

    I got the CU Update last week on my Lumia 650 in the UK.

  2. Wizzwith

    Haven't got CU on the 640 yet, expect it any day now.... 950 got CU a week or so ago.

  3. navarac

    Build 15063.297 on my 950 (UK) yesterday. Unfortunately for me this has been the "killer" update for Windows Phone. The Barclays Bank app considers the phone as jailbroken and the app has been killed.

    Bye-bye Windows Phone, it has been great knowing you.

  4. lordbaal1

    I got it last night. The only app that seems to open faster is music, video, and podcast apps.

    That one thing I did like about android, apps opened up so quick.

    8.1 apps open faster then 10.

  5. Wizzwith

    I got it last night too.  Interesting that it coincided with patch Tuesday... nice since it went straight to the latest patch level. 

  6. lordbaal1

    1 thing I don't like about this update, which I was hoping it was fixed. When I playing music and close the app, the music just stops playing. It never done that in 8.1.